Radio Grand Cafe

Combine two performances in one?

You can combine the cabaret of Radio Grand Café with El Loco's alter ego, the spoof comedy waiter, Funny Bones!

Funny Bones can mix and mingle with your guests on arrival. Then, when your guests are seated for dinner, Funny Bones will bring his
comedy capers in between each course. (complete course by course of comic capers on request).

Funny Bones helps to create a mood of joviality; he is courteous, endearing and never over steps the mark.

His true comic timing leaves your guests with the thought "is he or is he not part of the waiting on team.

After dinner is complete Funny Bones transforms into his main stage character, El Loco.

He is then introduced to the stage to perform his 40-minute live comedy show... Radio Grand Café.


Radio Grand Cafe